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FWH is a global employer of freelance writers and researchers.

Our company had been designed with the flexibility and employees’ needs in mind. We provide rewarding employment to competent writers from North American and from other nations. We always look for qualified writers, editors and researchers who are ready to work on challenging assignments. If you are a qualified writer, editor or researcher who wants to work flexible hours—we are the company you need. FWH allows you to work from home, from a school library, or from any place that has a computer hooked up to the internet. It’s not a matter of distance—it’s the experience that counts!

What we do.

You job will be to work on individual writing projects requested by various clients. These projects include but are not limited to custom essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, cliff notes, PowerPoint Presentations, Excel tables/charts, custom reviews or book reports. Our projects cover a broad range of topics starting from academic writing and accounting, to business and finance, to literature and poetry, to math and statistics. Every assignment is unique and interesting and provides remuneration on a per page basis following successful completion.

Schedule and work flexibility

FWH is a web-based freelance agency, so it can perfectly fit into your existing schedule. Whether you are a University student working on your Master’s or a professional from some industry (accounting, finance, literature, education) you can increase your monthly income. FWH provides you with an opportunity to turn your writing and research skills into money. We pay on a per project or per page basis, and there is no monthly work plan. It is up to you whether you want to work part-time or full-time.

Remuneration and Compensation

The salary of our writers is one of the highest in the industry. It depends on the difficulty, urgency and the type of the project. To many writers, FWH provides an excellent opportunity to work flexible hours and make good money. Since we are based online there is no need to commute to work, to do paperwork, or to adhere to some dress code. You can make good money in the comfort of your home. Depending on the time spent writing papers, we have writers making from $600 to $2000. Again, This depends solely on how fast you can do the research, type and follow all the instructions. The salary is dispatched monthly via paypal, Moneybookers, Ikobo, or SWIFT wire transfer. You can pick the payment option yourself.

Why us?

FWH provides numerous advantages that allow writers and researchers to spend their time efficiently and profitably.  Our online orders management system is one of the most efficient and sophisticated on the market. You can search, read, and access assignments as well as upload completed papers with only a few mouse clicks. Everything is intuitively easy and efficient. You can ‘take’ any project you want to work on, you can communicate with clients and managers in real time as well as benefit from our knowledge base.




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